"Untitled" Sterling Silver Cuff

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I love a good bracelet! I think a bracelet should make a statement and of course it should be sculptural.

Thinking of the attributes of a good bracelet, I consider quality first. The materials should be substantial to resist damage and strong solder joints to prevent breakage. Second I consider fit and comfort. If it isn't comfortable you wont enjoy wearing it. Thirdly, I think of style. I like bold, classic, sculptural designs and texture for contrast.  My bracelets are designed for a smaller wrist and they come in 3 sizes.

  •  Available in size small (default), extra small and medium.
  • Size small measures 2 1/4"h x 2 3/8"w x 1 5/8"d. 
  • Designed for the smaller wrist.
  • Signed and numbered series.
  • Handcrafted in America!