"Flames" Sterling Silver & Bronze Tapered Tube Link Bracelet

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I call this the "Flames" bracelet because the bronze lines that arch across each link look like dancing flames to me. It all starts out with a flat sheet of silver and a coil of bronze wire. No two links are alike and the motif flows throughout the bracelet. The bracelet is sculptural, textural and a little industrial. The texture is hand stamped using a steel rod with design cut into one end and a 1 pound mallet. Each jump ring is soldered for durability. The clasp is easily operated with one hand. The chain guard is provided for backup.

2 1/8" H  at the widest point and 7" L not including the safety chain. The bracelet needs to be about 1" to 1 1/2 inches larger than the wrist so give us your wrist measurement and we will make it the appropriate size.