Product Information


B Nelson Designs jewelry is hand fabricated in one of a kind or limited quantities. Our jewelry is hand made in the USA using carefully selected materials. Each piece starts out as a flat sheet of metal. One of our original patterns is traced onto the metal then cut out using a jeweler's saw, shears or a pancake die. The edges are filed and sanded until smooth. Hand stamped textures are applied using a variety of steal stamps and a one pound mallet. Components are formed with hammers, mandrels, punches, dapping blocks and sometimes a hydraulic press. The pieces are assembled by soldering using silver solder and an acetylene torch, some designs require several soldering steps. After all soldering and forming are complete the pieces are cleaned then oxidized (darkened to bring out detail) then buffed. The brushed finish gives each piece a soft sophisticated look and the highlights the design. Finally, each piece is hand signed by B Nelson.

Materials used in our jewelry:

We are currently using sterling silver, bronze (90% copper & 10% tin), copper, and various agates, jaspers and opals.

B Nelson Designs is known for the use of mixed metals of which sterling silver is almost always the predominant metal. Bronze elements are added to create our signature look. We started using bronze as a contrasting metal when the prices of silver and gold skyrocketed starting in 2006. In some ways bronze is like working with silver and in many ways it is very different. Once we developed skill in working with bronze we decided that it stands on its own aesthetically. Bronze, like silver develops a beautiful patina with time and wear.

Maintaining Your B Nelson Designs Jewelry:

Our jewelry is easily maintained. You will receive a piece of 3m Scotchbrite with your jewelry. We use the same green Scotchbrite that is available in grocery and hardware stores. The Scotchbrite is used to gently brush over the high points and brighten them. It can also be used to blend scratches. When using the Scotchbrite, brush in a couple of different directions so the new brush lines cross. If you are concerned about using the Scotchbrite, test it where it won’t show. The use of Scotchbrite will leave a residue, Windex or dish detergent will remove this. Store your piece in a re-closable plastic bag to help prevent tarnish. Silver cloths and/or silver polish will remove tarnish but they are mildly abrasive and will remove the brushed finish. Rejuvenate the brushed finish by using the Scotchbrite. Please do not use silver dip, you most likely wont like the look.

 If you have a comment or a question we would like to hear from you. Please go to the contact page to send a message.